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November 30, 2018

Art Real Estate Our real cultural heritage

Art Real Estate Our real cultural heritage

Art Real Estate Our real cultural heritage

The main theme of the arts is as much as "terrifying" as it is interesting. Allaah is pleased with the interpretation of the jealousy "Knowledge-wise" by the pen. Similarly, the famous Arabic compound is "Qulm ambassador al-Aqil", a ambassador of knowledge.

The aesthetic spirit of Islamic civilization appears to be atomic in two arts. Originator and architecture! In the first instance of Koran, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was ordered to read the Prophet (ﷺ) in the name of the Lord who read through the pen. Or given knowledge. As a pen and a "instrument", the scroll and instrument has very deep and implicit significance in the system's logic of Islam, so the services of Muslims in the world's written arts are extraordinary and the increase in Muslims's inheritance in the human inheritance. Are there Islam did not see the artistic and artistic art of the world, so that the idol of idol and idolism received rid of qibhah because of which the passion of Muslims was reflected in all the beautiful letters. It is a matter of fact that today, what we call on the tradition of Islamic rhetoric is the essence of all the sciences, based on Arabic letters Abjad and Arabic preliminary script.

At the time Jihailat's visual arts were non-Islamic. Keeping in mind the teachings of Islam, the Koranic words were narrated to make money with beautiful writing and from its aesthetics to introduce Arabic science and arts.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said," The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, "The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) The emphasis on writing Qur'aan words beautifully beautifully said that children and elders have taught the calligraphy education as mandatory. History is proven that the first lesson on which the words were spoken secretively were also found in the era of Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib, which had 40 pilgrims recorded. Amia Khalifa Abdalakak also gave further development while promoting the region. According to Ibn Al-Harmam, the first Arabic text which was written by Makkah was a letter written in writing, but in the form of a letter written in the Miki letter and the Medina Holy, the letter written in Madini and the third Basra The fourth Arabic style was Kufi. Initially the letter letter was without marks and without immune, then the way the evolutionary steps were fixed, the Islamic hymns began to be written more beautifully. After that, dangers and illustrations were made for the non-Arab people to read, understand and speak. In Amir al-mu'minin, one of the prominent person's books narrated the phrase "Jail and Tuman" to make the letters of the Rakshalis and Jammu and Kashmir; Then there were many letters from the period of Abbas to 750 to 1258. These are notable verses of the Quran, which are not only letters In addition to innovation, many other letters also contain inventions, including Tawha'i, Tha'l, Muqqqq, Rihan, and Rakha Rasta, to fulfill their complete rules that every type of writing should be written according to the principles.

Then Jacob Rakshmi invented the letter in 1298, that the existing letter came into existence in connection with the rituals and fate. Then the letters were crafted too many patterns or patterns. The letter of Kofi West was separated. Then, in the sixteenth century, Mir Ali Tabrizi invented the letter in Timori period, which was given the title written in the context of letter writing and deception, was given him a great honor from the "Model of Kelly".

When Ibn Bin Qasim came to the subcontinent in 712 AD, Arabic language and literature and Arabic archeology got a great boost. In the people gradually, the famous Rakshatri, known to the people of the intellectual consciousness, was very popular, not only in Pakistan but in whole region, this art has become an important literary and cultural status in terms of cultural identity.

The glimpse of the lettering glimpse, the words written in it and the creativity of teachers' artifacts do not justify Muslims but also the ideals of non-Muslims with their roots. The "Medal Christian Church" was decorated with Arabic heritage in the construction of walls, furniture and palace buildings of her court. Most of the Mughal era buildings and especially the eighth, Taj Taj Mahal, Aurora, Mazar-e-Pulbuddin Ebeek in Lahore, Data Durbar, Affiliate Mosque, Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad. In the Multan Khanan Shah Shah Alam Alam and Ghus Bahawaluddin Zechariah, Khanaksha Shah Yusuf Rizards, the monastery, the Mosaic Mosque of Shaheed Shaheed buildings, is still fresh and fresh, and is the source of Hassan Nazarah's source and center.

Artificial arts in the Islamic societies have developed well-being throughout the subcontinent, with respect to Multan, that there is a new style written in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Syriac and Punjabi languages ​​seven hundred years after the invention of Nastaqiq. Is a representative The letter has been invented as a reminder.

Now the Islamic hymns have become our real cultural heritage and has reached the level of aerial arts. From the beginning of the civil war, the letters of Arabic were abusive, they were very important in the Islamic society by the calligraphy. In the image of religious poetry and word-making, Muslim creators have done a great deal of work by using their aesthetics.
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