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November 30, 2018

How did I write my first column

How did I write my first column?

How did I write my first column?

Dear readers

Today, Mr Kasif Akram Bhai received a message from Net, in which Kashif brother wrote that he liked our style and as well he ordered me to tell him how the column is written.

It is so strange that readers today is our seventh column in which you are describing your first column writing experience, and so on, today, we came here because of this column. Poet. It came to the top where the dust was dry. Even today, the same unit is a matter if there is a difference, just in our two-year long journeys, our columns have joined them with two partner zero.

This is probably an event of July 17, 2009, and it was Friday morning. I came from some important work in my office, or Friday was our holiday day. It was a few links to the Internet. The links we see but were expressing illusion by the name, but we found a link that was not only attracting us because of our name, but something seemed like its own.

So we took the name of Allah Karim and after that web site opened, we found that separate titles were kept for every sector and it was created very well. We have made our desired software soon as soon as possible. After downloading, and then took a look at the homepage, we saw a section of poetry in that day, because the prayer was to be organized on Friday, so detailed studies will tomorrow, thinking it closed the site and closed the office. Went home

Due to the second and third-day business engagement, we did not open this link, but our hearts on the fourth day of July 20 wanted us to open this link but now the problem was that I did not remember the name. It was a name and we were reminded that it was the name (our website).

So after reading some rhyme, when a detailed study of the website, one thing was clear that it was a complete site that was available on everything that could require a reader.

Finally, reading a column in the department's article, written on one side, publish your own writing, so we also have a column, why we are upset, write down the title, it was not the news that the chain was so far This column will be posted on our Web site on July 21, 2009. Today, this column is writing, feeling that it is strange and sensible that our wedding date was also 21st July and our first post was posted on 21st July. For we are always saying that (our web) in the world of Net is my first love and I pray to Allaah, that you may live This love could remain (Amen).

Now Kashif is registering his way in writing to the brother's question so that some guides can be made for new writers.

By the way, there is no doubt that the ability to write is godly, because neither has I taught anyone to write nor did I have a privilege for this work, but the fact is that in any department, if teachers are guided When it is achieved, this area takes twelve rounds, although I myself do not have special skills in this art but few things that may be able to increase your ability to serve.

(1) First of all, study the subject that you want to write on so that you can reach your point of view, considerable books are available on the internet in English and Urdu, which you may be able to afford.

(2) Search the topic on Google that is going to write on this topic, so you will also find the opinion of other column entries and your study will also increase.

(3) If anybody else wants to include any other part of the writing of his own letter, then, let him quote the subject below, because it is wise to offer someone else's own writing.

(4) Provide your point of view but also make arguments for it and keep the style sauce so that everyone can understand what you mean.

(5) Write the first reference to the Qur'anic verses, after writing the Quranic verses, then submit it with the Hadith and then copy the events and intentions of Salaf Salehin, not only will your article be composite, but write it down to the readers I will come.

(6) Avoid repetition of words and do not write so long columns that the reader does not feel boredom nor write a short note that no one can understand your message.

(Avoid the 7 general and verbal conversation that it is against your dignity and affect your personality. Write a letter that you can read in your home as well because people of all ages are included in reading, apart from women, these columns Read

(8) After completing your writing, study carefully from one or two times when you are satisfied when posting.

(9)) Study the arrows in the Commons box and respect others' opinion, if any mistake is detected, follow it and follow it.

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