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November 30, 2018

Living walls

Living walls

Living walls

From listening to the beginning, there are "mines too", they are no longer mine, but see the progress of science at all times, so it is a matter. Living walls, living wings, this term is probably new to you, but this is the fact. The growing population of the world, the construction of cooked buildings, ie, urbanization and landing areas, is a fertile land diminishing for cultivating or horticulture, which is a pleasure for horticulture, but their habitat in areas where their own Land fields are suitable for completing hobby. A few months ago, some work and a dearth of a beloved goat in Lahore city was going on last day of Spring, but the season's recipes were still in air. This time most of the old city passed in the new city of Lahore. Hearing the flowers in the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle of the various staves, the roadways and the highways, the heart garden was seen. In order to eliminate the knees of the inner streets of the inner city, planning a new population has taken great measures. The weather in Lahore was hot but the vegetables of the vegetable kept a good skeleton on the flowing spring and summer seam. Exhibition in the best style of beautiful decorative plants at different places of the city is pleased. In the same way, turning a turn, a wall saw a wall which was filled with beautiful kind of balls, saw the other wall in another place that was shattered with flowers flowing. Look at the top or bottom of the wall or the left-left flowers and the balls, but it was a unique thing for me. Never before saw this type of wall in which a new technique has been planted with plants and the whole wall looks like a flower vessel is scattered from the ground and erected vertically. These walls of magnificent buildings are now visible in many places. A few days ago, the Peshawar CM CM had seen the wall installed in the company's garden, but it was not agreed to the extent how it was done.

I think Tariq Tanveeribb, the owner of "Qadrakhsh Farms", built the construction of such walls across Pakistan, and he introduced the first living walls of his nature. The features of these walls are that small boxes are made in such a way that the plants can easily arrive. These boxes are designed in a manner that is more easily available for water. These boxes are designed with a special angle so that the plants coming above each other are elegant and their legs are also a proper distance. These walls can easily be found in the plants that are not only elegant, but due to increasing population and strong construction, one of the best inappropriate landscapes for gardening is a change.

Flora, along with plants, hernia, salad leaves, and other such plants can be grown in the walls that work in the kitchen. On the houses, offices or other places where there is a scarcity of open spaces, the walls of the atmosphere can be easily removed from the spring of lush vegetation by placing such walls. Today, the tendency towards vertical horticulture is growing in the world today, because it is becoming difficult to fulfill the hobby of horticultural because of lack of land in cities and villages. for. I think the cultivation of plants in vertical walls is a major facility in areas where a capable land is not available. Today, the scientists associated with agriculture have discovered such vegetable and flower-foliage plants, the same changes have been made in the texture of the planted plants that they are frequent in most of the days instead of the specific seasons, and they may have their positive growth in minimal spaces. Is. Similarly, an advertisement was near sight, in which one nursery nursery nursery announced that they have fruits of such tomatoes that give fruit for eleven months of the year and reduce them by vertical wires / rods. There are plenty of tomatoes in place. There are many other types of plants that can be planted under this procedure. Google offers a lot of content on search of vertical gardens or farming.

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