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November 21, 2018

National solidarity or racism demanding a single civil code

National solidarity or racism demanding a single civil code

National solidarity or racism demanding a single civil code

An attempt to intervene in the social intervention of Muslim Muslims by slogans of the same civil code is an article on the rejection of the civil code.
 Today, in India, there are slogans of the implementation of the same code of civil code, every language is seen as a violation of civil code and Muslims' rights, but as far as the simplicity of the civil code is concerned I have all the parties and Arbab dhis are different and religious, because they do not have any reason for their involvement in knowledge, but only this limb argues that the reconciliation process will be established between all the sections of India. Strengthening and emotional harmony will arise - resulting in the welfare of the country and unity It will be strengthened but reality and incidentally, it is a betrayal and a great mood.

Just see what the same civil code is? What is the condition of implementing it? The incident is that the Hindu code of Hindu, Sikh, Buddh and Jain is common in India, that is, the same civil code is found for civil sects or civil publication for these four sects - but this joint Despite the code, do all the four sects think of national solidarity of peace and security, and have they created divinity and love and brotherhood amongst them? The situation and events are benevolent that the fact is unlikely - despite the civil code, why is Sikh running away rather than living with Hindus? Why does not this sect remain united with the Hindus? Again, it is not even true that despite the same civil code, sikhs were massacre in Delhi and other places in November 1984 and their property was converted into rocky pots, the question arises that the same equality Why is the code broken apart? It is obvious that this is a sectarian sect of a sect, which is frightened and everyone is seen in their own indefinite danger-

In the same way, is it not even true that the people of Hindu Dharma have been pressing low personalities even after joint venture? Every day, it is seen that how can they show their own religion and our cruelty and aggression against the people of the law and appear to be slaughtered in blood and blood? Even though they are not allowed to enter into the temple -

It is obvious that when the Hindu sect can not demonstrate the love and tolerance of his common code and law, despite his own different classes, what will he do with other religions? It was necessary to prove to his good intent that he would present a good example and example before displaying it in different parts of his life, then invites others to join him, but the narrative, discrimination and curiosity of caste Keeping with all its features, the invitation of this type of "Global Brotherhood" is a strange and odd thing-

All facts and events are evidence that changing the condition of "a code" will not change the condition and condition of the person - it is not a magic that it will turn away from all religions and all the sects, but it Type of change may not come from the same diet, similar wear, similar culture and similar language because in this case the interests of tribal, family and grouping are beginning to start as the study of history tells us the biggest event of the current date. 

The war is great in which hundreds of people were killed, between the different sects and groups of the same religion (Christianity), which all were all They had their own same exact code, but this joint code could not stop the biggest blood loss between them, there are hundreds of examples and these are facts that can not be denied - but India At present, it is unlikely - there are different nations, different religions, different dialects, different sects, different civilizations, and different beliefs and population, and different languages ​​are found which are different and different from each other. 

And on the same hand, these elements are divided and multiplied in many groups and pieces, each one has its own magnitude And it seems ripe to humiliate others, the way the madness of regionalism is spreading today and various movements are being used against the minorities and especially Muslims today, its example is not found in the previous period - same The movement of Hindu sectarianism and movement of Hindu rectangularism like today is organized by the activities of the organized scale, and the minorities are disturbed and disturbed - on the contrary, the perceptions of animosity, hypocrisy, prejudice and aggressive sectarian scenes are such serious And in extreme explosive situations, crushing these sectarian forces instead of establishing peace Is not the voice of the time, but a hollow slogan and does not prejudice the baby? It is not only beneficial to achieve such benefits, but this is the demand for wisdom, rather than creating such a type of hypocrisy and blurring tension, instead of doing air purification, taking minorities into confidence, their concerns To be removed and to try to establish the slogan of national solidarity in this country, try to establish it on a reasonable and incredible basis - another silly reality in this country is that Muslims in this country have repeatedly seen the nationalstream ( Mainstream) is invited and is charged 

They are kicked out of mainstream but it is not said what's happening and where is going on - apparently today, government and non-government departments and Muslims in every sector are discriminated with in view of this type of call or charge a strange thing - to behave like untouchables Muslims then did not then and upside down diffusion of politics must also blame him-national ever to common civil code and in any case If you live with patriotism and sincerity, everyone will breathe peace and prosperity and everyone will have the opportunity to embrace and decorate because Chaman's rhythm and dazzling color is essential - it can not be possible By endeavoring Millennium, the "non-equality" from Chaman came to an end with every "blatitude" because it would be a fight against goddess, which could never be won - Note: non-equality law is natural. the arguments of this article can not afford for this article will be soon, God willing to serve -

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