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November 21, 2018

Petrol pump and ordinary man

Petrol pump and ordinary man

Petrol pump and ordinary man

You must have read and read the title of the article. Actually it is a looting story that is very short but very important to describe. I am a 19-year-old Pakistani teen who has now convinced whether evil is as small as possible, but it will end it with its cleanliness, and by the end of its time, the Pakistani people It will inform you about the oppression so that the ordinary man who is already in poverty is not oppressed by any wrongdoer.
Maybe it's not what I'm going to do so now, but for me it is very important because it saves thousands of rupees daily by such fraudulent fraud. And the common man is suffering from this fraud free of charge. The story is actually going to my university one day, I needed petrol on the way and I went to a petrol pump.

By filling a worker there, smiling me gave a very good advice, which is usually given to every servant for the laughter. He said, "If you turn off your bike gas stop, it will not crush the gasoline pipeline" and I bow down down and switched down my switch and at that time Mr. Electric's gasoline pipe marine Pulled out of the tank

I was surprised to wonder that just a few seconds before switching off, he poured out the filling poison and got back on my head. I wondered at the meter that was completely empty (because he already had the petrol pipe I was trying to ask him if he tried to ask him and he did not give me any positive answer.

Well, on that day I realized how to deceive the ordinary man and lead his way.

It's just yesterday that I was going somewhere in the emergency. In the meantime I would need a petrol again and I went to another petrol pump nearby. And as the last time, this time too, I got cheated from this style. (Which was a kind of foolishness that continued to deceive for the second time continuously) but well, my main purpose is to save the public from these looters. Please do not fill your view meter until you fill it as long as you are not satisfied with debt. God put us in our refuge with the evil and the trespasses of the wicked.

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