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November 30, 2018

Scientists learned the secret of Mona Lisa's smile

Scientists learned the secret of Mona Lisa's smile

Scientists learned the secret of Mona Lisa's smile

People understand the centuries for understanding the mysterious smile of Montenegro painting around the world. But now after the scientific observation of Mendeza, the scientists say Mona Lisa had recently given birth to a child and her lips playing lips actually smiled with a mixed feeling of fatigue and inspiration from a new niche.

Millions of people come across every year to see a glimpse of the painting around Paris's Louise Museum. But they can only see a glimpse, because Mendeza can be seen from a ten-foot trip to the thick wall of a bucket-proof glass. In addition to maintaining it in different periods, several levels of varnish have been placed above it, which has kept the original picture more intact. Additionally, its color has also been exposed by the time process

To remove the curtain from the Mylacea mysteries, researchers from the NCR and French scientists have carefully evaluated the structure of the image structure, painting techniques, ages and colors and varnishes using modern tools. From the observation of X-Ray and Thy de Scan's image, Hawa Montana was wearing a wide range of hats, which was worn women wearing new mother in that era. In addition to this, the passionate color of the transparent hat It has happened and it does not look like now.

Historians have found that Malalisa had given birth to a boy. Earlier, a son of Montaliza and a son died after some time of birth.
Malalais's overall influence has a great deal of action in his hands. But during this research it revealed that Leonardo painted a hand-in-hand with a manalize one hand initially. Just like she wants to get a chair to get up. But later, Leonardo showed that hand wrapped it on the other hand, which reflects peace and satisfaction.

Leonardo made this painting with a method called "Safamutto". As painting, it has used color, oil and varnish so much artistic that scientists do not see brushes anywhere.

Skilled use of this particular technique looks like a frozen and fascinating atmosphere on Mona Lisa.
Will these disadvantages reduce the level of deception on Monazia? Perhaps not, because access to Leonardo's creative process can not be helped with any scientific invention. Yes, it is important that this research reveals some hidden pictures of the world's beloved picture.

Scientists also found that Mona Lecturing is in a very good condition. There is no point of view for the fall of the colors or painting of the wood on the wooden trimmer.

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