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November 30, 2018

The high priesthood sculptures in the world

The high priesthood sculptures in the world

The high priesthood sculptures in the world

The high priesthood statues in the world, not only the identity and status but also the acknowledgment of human creation.

How would the statue begin with human creation? But it is clear that the power of man has been given power. It is the same kind of expression. Human compassionate statues are the most complicated and fascinating skills in the built-in construction of hand-made constructions, in this world, the highest statue statues in this world are not only identifiable identities and status but also the unique skill of human creation. Nine of the world's famous high-ranking statues in relation to height in the world is Buddhism.

Evergreen Tempal has been the center of interest of 128 meters high statue tourists in Lokshan, a remote populace in the People's Republic of China, People's Republic of China. This long-term statue comes to see tourists and Buddhists around the world. This high-profile statue reached Piai in 2002 after the fall of two Buddhist statues in 2001, in the city of Bamyan. China has built this high-rise statue very fast against extremism, according to the Buddhist philosophy "Hamm Kaya" according to the world's first invisible statue. According to Buddhist beliefs, this occupation was later published in Gothic Buddhism and other Buddhists. In the overall height of the statue, if twenty meters high canal flowers, building pillars and elevated mountains are also included. Among which the Buddha statue is the worst, the overall height reaches to 202 meters from 128 meters. The sculpture of eleven hundred copper metals used in this statue, built from an international organization affiliated with Bihar, is a thousand tonnes. The total cost of this statue is US $ 55 million. The front is facing the river Foquan on the opposite side, while the hill chain Foud is located on the back. It is called Spring Temple Buddha, compared to the natural water springs located in the valley. It is clear that in Buddha's statues, the style of hands and hands show different messages, which are called Mudre in Sanskrit language, which means "symbol" or "seal". Spring Tempal Buddha's style is "Visharkara Madra", which is being educated by Maha Tombah.

"Late Buddha"
Take a seat in Gotham Buddhist, built in the town of Sagaing's administrative area of ​​Burma's administrative area, Myanmar, 116 meters high, including a 13.5 meter pigeon. Buddhist work at the bottom of the statue reached Piya Completion on 21 February 2008. There is another 90 meter long Buddha statue in the statue of this statue, which is lying on the right hand cravat. This statue is called the "latent Buddha" to take the statue into the local language. This statue is hollow from inside and it contains information about Gotham Buddha's personality and teachings. Therefore, visitors and tourists can travel from head to toe in the statue and then learn from Gotham Wednesday and their teachings. The 116-meter high Gotham Buddhist statue of Deep Yellow has become a major tourist destination in Myanmar, which is lying under the cruise of Croatia.

The statue of "sacred Buddha" Amitabha "is a total of 120 meters high in the Buddhist sectarian Mahayana world of Ushiku, located in Ushiku city of Japan, which includes ten meters of pots and flowers of the same canopy flower. Are there It is clear that Buddha Amitabha is one of the key heavenly characters of Mahayana Bismat (Buddhist Rewa). The statue of complete statue in 1993 has also been provided to provide 85 meters of electricity. The statue is the total weight of 4003 tons and its face size is up to twenty meters, when the ring is seven meters long. The statue is divided into four floors from the inside, the first floor is semi-dark, where the light appears from a particular location in a form of a pillar. This light, which appears in the form of a pillar, covers the living room. Traveling with mysteries and spiritual environments, visitors come to another destination, which can be written ten written material. The third floor, starting from twenty meters and ends at thirty meters, contains three thousand golden idols of Parabha. After this destination space is up to 80 meters after which the fourth floor starts. This is actually five meters a small room, which has a rectangular form of window, which opens in the chest of Buddha Amitabh, where scenes outside can be seen. As far as the name of this statue is concerned, the meaning of the Duibutsu in Japanese is of great or physical illusion.

Nong Shan only shang in
It is 108 meters high in the island of Sanya, the smallest province of China, which is located in the southern part of the southern part of southern China, according to Buddhist beliefs, we have a statue of Guanyin goddess, which is a statue in India. is called. This statue reached the completion of April 24, 2005. Built in six years, this statue was constructed by Buddhist 108 most important critics. These are bronze-made statues. Whose backs are mixed. One of the three car dashes, namely China's direction and distances are towards South-South China. The statue which is towards the side of the tree is not a Buddhist objects in its hands. Other statues are tied with hands, in which goods

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