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November 30, 2018

Where the laborers are skilled

Where the laborers are skilled

Where the laborers are skilled

There were two nations living in a country - a nation had spider and other national anthem - when the spring season came, the hard-working nation leaders started gathering their food so that they could stay in a difficult time, The spider said, "What are you doing?" The lips said, "We are gathering food for our hard time." Spider said, "Why are you making a place for yourself?" Anties because when rain and storm come, we can stay calm - Spider said that it is the government's work that you are crazy.

After a period of rain it was rainy and cold weather came, the anthearsals which they had collected from their hard work and skill kept eating and relaxing, but the difficulty passed, but the spider who used to eat free and lived in a free time. He did nothing for a hard time, he died in the winter and in the rain

Seeing this, the human rights free sister and other useless parties reached their party's flags and attacked the spider's body against the government, saying that the government was doing nothing to the poor and to sell hunger and cold. This government has no right to live and this strike will end when the government does nothing for these spiders.

By force, the government made houses for these spiders and arranged free food for them, looking at the hardworking anthems that the hardworking anticipation decided that now there is no use in the country that people do not The government does everything and we do not give any money to the hard work people, and those hard-working quarters left the country and went away.

You guys know what the country was

The country is Pakistan, the hard-working believers have gone away from this country, it has all the government's policies.

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