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December 4, 2018

bitter truth

bitter truth

bitter truth

Our society is suffering from many problems, to achieve salvation, every segment of the society seems to be a continuous struggle in which social workers and scholars are visible to them. But there are some issues that are about to be If the person looks and looks around by counting himself and looks around, he looks very little. Instead of small, if the word 'Ahirir' is used, it will probably be more suitable. 

This day, many highlights of many writers go through a glimpse of words that are more attractive than the sense of love. Whenever a new fashion comes into the market, its personal choice is not considered to be liked by a non-liking, but it is a new style, as it is applied to itself, such as the writing on which every writing is written. It is not necessary to understand their renewal of obligations. The purpose of telling me is not that it is not good to write here. There is no pain in this sector or just the pain. It is only our society has many problems related to the word more than the words. Those who are fading despite the presence of words. One of them is the living people of our society, whom we call upon in the name of Khawaja .All creatures and foolish things are God. And that's all. Every little big blessing is given to him. 

The heart of man is a very valuable and rare blessing. Those who are around the people around them, are injured by their talk. Some of us have ever thought that if our heart feels pain from someone's behavior or behavior, what will happen to the heart that its parents leave alone to look into this society's fire? . Even in their veins, he runs the same red blood that is running in me and your veins, but the fact that it has come to Delhi, where it is right to say that our blood is wasted by irritable water. It is white. It is the religion of Dawoodullah and he is capable of giving a son or daughter, not giving anything or giving birth to him. It is also the creation of God, and it is the biggest sin of human being to understand the creation of any other God, but today we have reached the door of innocence that the sect of the Ummah, which Allah has given to His Bounty From society to reform, equality, equality, rights message, religion is also vanity. In his gymnastics too, whenever it comes to mentioning the occasions, often the appearance of Tarmel is visible. Due to circumstances, the thieves thieves in favor of the people whenever someone tried to raise their voice. Instead, it is kept in front of him that he is a people who are on the road to ruin society, they are engaged in singing, dance songs. 

Talking to them, there is no use in exposing their problems so that time should not be destroyed. Why ? Is not this man Do not feel emotions? Do their chest are empty with heart, whose thoughts do not dream any dreams? The child whose innocence is seen by the hatred of his own family. Tear her toys and fear, fear her become a bed. Returning to a group which causes itself to bring into the world forget to forget. In front of her, dance singing should not be taken except for bodybuilding for 2 meal meals, and above all, then it should be forgiven by all of this, then Allah will please. The famous is that the person who says is listening. 

Has anyone ever tried to know the deadline of their broken body with mother's lap? Has anyone ever put the hand of friendship to them by keeping them in a good heart? To say, they were also announcements of giving national cards to be Pakistani, respectively, like other colleges, school colleges, hospitals claiming fraudulent claims came to them, but all claims were merely the words of words. In our streets, cities, schools, colleges, schools, schools, schools, schools, schools, schools, schools, schools, etc. Why are scholars, scholarships unfair, who guide their parents, correct this topic of society. Why no institution does not show madras whose doors are open to them. After all the walls of the door get closed, if anybody reaches open open on a door, then he is not responsible for him. And today or so tomorrow we all have to answer it.

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