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December 6, 2018

This is patriotism and you are rich people

This is patriotism and you are rich people

This is patriotism and you are rich people

The word assurance is widely understood in itself. Trusted today is the only thing that should be kept to someone and the words we mean to be solid, composite, and weighted item, but we also have things that We do not have any weight, nor do we have any visible body and existence, but they are all trusted with us. Our knowledge, our teachings, our Islamic rituals, our religion ....... We all have confidence.

We all do injustice in our own trust and that of the evil of all kinds of corruption. We believe that when there is no guardian above us, we are free but we forget that we are treating ourselves.

Our dearest country is facing a lot of problems today, but we are not doing anything except the allegations that everyone ruled so much corruption, he damaged the country so much but he would come for just a few years. Never forget the country and go away and think that you have lost a little but you have also returned. We all are a little bit but criminals are.

We also ruined our teachings, knowledge, like pure pure heritage ......... It was known to have been known to be the world's most famous land on this world, and it was known to be the name of Islam. Who did the weak person have never been so weak? And if it is free today, only due to Islam because history is witness that Islam always protects Muslims and unites them not to protect Muslims And today why are we jumping into a fire of Muslim sectarians today?
Just imagine what we are giving our next generation?
Are we too rich after such anxiety and bad deed?
The answers to these questions are very bitter, but they do not match at least false lies, but we are all addicted to the addiction.
The world can be darker than my tail
Everywhere I am shining with mint

We take Iqbal's poems with enthusiasm, but are unable to understand that we are not guilty but also those who have not protected the security and why are we doing the same mistake again?

To work honestly to Amin, the work of action is to be followed by the hard work and protect Islamic teachings in bright hands in the hands of the next generation, so that the cloud of error from the world should be lost.

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