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February 3, 2019

Foreign investment may not be possible

Foreign investment may not be possible

Foreign investment may not be possible

It has been a long time since Pakistanis have had a lot of money abroad. And it's being brought back soon. The government is making such measures that external countries will have to return this investment. But it's impossible to do so. No more money can be brought back to anybody else than the government of any country. The amount that the memorandum receives, the amount is to return. This is not because of the fact that our sovereignty is not serious about this. No matter how serious they are, they can never succeed. The reason for this is that it will never be done abroad. They are doing their business as much as they have from the Pakistanis and are running their patronage. Ask any country to say that if he exposes a huge investment from his bank and country, then who will do it? nobody.

Here I am not talking about statistics because data is a thing that is always used to fool. It is like a mathematical average that a student got the whole number and the second got fifty-five percent of fifty percent. Now what is wrong with that which is the number one hundred percent that will be calculated by fifty percent.

So, this is a matter of fact that the economy of the country is not counted but facts are kept in mind. All our governments, such as one, come and raise some figures and take the economy to the heights of heaven, and the other comes and leaves near bankruptcy. It is commonly understood that the wealth and wealth of our Pakistaniis, as far as the wealth of these countries, is a matter of concern for these countries. How will they lodge their economy? And then what to do with them is how the person has earned the money. The way we want foreign investment, exactly the same countries all the countries need currency. They always take steps that foreigners consider their investments secure. If a foreign bank or institution has done so that the return of other people in the country returns to their country, confidence will increase, and all the investors are thieves or robberies, right earners or illegitimate earnings. Those who will try to withdraw their investment from such a country.
Western countries are countries that run from outside capital, the worst means of their economy is that capital. One thing they do with great interest is that the accounts frozen. Thus, we see that this money is no longer being used but in reality it is in the same Capital or Capital Capital Capital. It is beneficial for the frozen to benefit that there is no profit to profit. Therefore, any such attempt that our foreign investment has been delivered abroad has not been shown to be brought to Pakistan.

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